There has been a lot of talk on the significance of conscious breathing in recent months. There are more and more breath workers/specialists out there, one of them being my personal trainer, Luke. As soon as I heard that he does breathing classes, I jumped on board. These sessions have become an essential part of my weekly schedule. A time to breathe.

It is no coincidence that breath is considered sacred. We really begin our earthly life when we take our first breath, the breath of life. That never stops until our last breath at the end of this life.

I can remember a few instances when people pointed out the importance of a deep, controlled breath. It was in primary school during PE lessons, particularly in regards to running. Then during choir rehearsals. When reciting poetry. In anti natal classes. When doing yoga, Tai Chi, meditating and now personal training (particularly when weight lifting).

Breathing is such a integral part of our life that it becomes subconscious. We stop paying attention to it over the years. It just happens naturally. Until we experience difficulty breathing for one reason or another. Then it comes back into our consciousness. Every time that happens is the perfect opportunity to take each breath with intention, noticing how much air we can take in, how long we take to breathe in and out, how good it feels when we breathe fully and slowly. It sends the positive signals to the rest of our body that all is well, that things are under control, that our body is in harmony with all that is.

Just like any other skill, conscious breathing takes practice. I have found guided meditations and breathing classes most effective in that regard. When you are in a relaxed atmosphere, guided by a trusted, experienced, knowledgable person, breath becomes a portal to the zen state. I have experienced tears, visions, past-life regressions, kundalini awakening, even fell asleep a few times. The experience is never the same but it’s always deeply relaxing, touching and energising.

My aim is to develop a daily breathing practice that will enable me to connect to my body, clear my mind, calm me down and re energise me.

I thoroughly recommend it to everyone to try it out, as there are endless benefits to conscious breathing.There is a lot of science behind it, but I always find that the proof is in the eating (I love my puddings). So, let’s get into the flow of the conscious breath and keep thriving.

Love, service and wisdom,


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