What does it mean to self-care? What does it involve? How do we make it an integral part of our every day routine? Do we have a self-care routine to begin with?

It could be my age and my changing circumstances that are making me think about myself more. Whatever it is, I am beginning to notice signs of stress on my body, my mind, my emotional state and my very soul. It is time to take good care of myself, as well as of the people in my life.

I have heard people say that they have a daily routine for themselves, which includes anything from meditation, exercise, singing, dancing, breath work, reading, writing, cooking, and many other things that help them ground, balance, calm down and get back into their optimum centred state.

It is a fact that our physical body changes as we gain years and count birthdays. Menopause has changed me profoundly and I am accepting that my body is in charge. It is asking me to take breaks during the day, to eat regularly, to take supplements, to meditate daily, to pay attention to my breathing, to take regular walks in fresh air, to reach out if I need support, to pace myself, to appreciate good days, good moments, to learn from life’s challenges, to keep surrendering and accepting the things that I can’t change, to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of life, to recognise blessings in the smallest things, to express how I feel freely, to check in with myself all the time, to acknowledge how I feel, to seek pleasure and so many more things.

So, I have decided to create my self-care daily routine. So far, it consists of: having three meals a day, having fresh fruit and/or vegetables daily, meditating, breathing mindfully, going for a walk, having meaningful conversations, taking small breaks when I need to, cooking, listening to music, singing and on a good day dancing. As of recently, I have been introducing a few exercises that I want to expand on. My gym membership isn’t being utilised. I have my reasons to as why, but am aware that paying for it and not using it isn’t going to last much longer. I will decide soon enough wether I am going to use the facilities or cancel it altogether.

Taking care of our needs, listening to our feelings, maintaining and improving our health, doing things that make us happy, but also allowing ourselves to just be. Constant doing is going to wear us out, so let’s take a moment to breathe, to feel the air filling up our body and sending waves of calm through our nervous system. Let’s feel the sun on our skin, notice what nature looks like around us, let’s count our blessings, feel grateful, let’s smile more, allow ourselves to drop into our Heart centre and feel everything. Let us send love out into the world. Let us send thoughts and wishes for peace in the world. Let’s care about ourselves and about each other. Because, caring is sharing. When we look after ourself, we have the love, the patience and the energy to give to the world too.

Be gentle with yourselves, take care and spread the love.

Much love to everyone,

Angela x

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