By Tim Whild

‘As soon as your feet touch the floor, stand upright with your eyes closed and your hands on your heart chakra. Bring your attention to your Earth Star and ask it to hold the highest frequency possible for you during the day.
Your Earth Star will respond by anchoring your light at 5D.
Call in the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame to wash through your bodies and fields. Just relax for a few moments as the Violet Flame clears any debris or clearing that you might have done in the night.
Call in the Fire Dragons to blaze a path ahead of you throughout your day. They will clear any negative energy before you encounter it.

Ask Archangel Gabriel to place a Diamond of Purity around your bodies and fields…just relax for a few moments as he does this.
Invoke Archangel Metatron for a 100% Light Quotient increase in your chakras, bodies and fields and feel yourself lighting up immediately. Ask Metatron to keep an eye on your light throughout your day and top up if your vibration drops.
You are now ready for your day!’

I will add to thank your Earth Star, Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame, Fire Dragons, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Metatron for their help/assistance.

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