What does it mean to self-care? What does it involve? How do we make it an integral part of our every day routine? Do we have a self-care routine to begin with?

It could be my age and my changing circumstances that are making me think about myself more. Whatever it is, I am beginning to notice signs of stress on my body, my mind, my emotional state and my very soul. It is time to take good care of myself, as well as of the people in my life.

I have heard people say that they have a daily routine for themselves, which includes anything from meditation, exercise, singing, dancing, breath work, reading, writing, cooking, and many other things that help them ground, balance, calm down and get back into their optimum centred state.

It is a fact that our physical body changes as we gain years and count birthdays. Menopause has changed me profoundly and I am accepting that my body is in charge. It is asking me to take breaks during the day, to eat regularly, to take supplements, to meditate daily, to pay attention to my breathing, to take regular walks in fresh air, to reach out if I need support, to pace myself, to appreciate good days, good moments, to learn from life’s challenges, to keep surrendering and accepting the things that I can’t change, to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of life, to recognise blessings in the smallest things, to express how I feel freely, to check in with myself all the time, to acknowledge how I feel, to seek pleasure and so many more things.

So, I have decided to create my self-care daily routine. So far, it consists of: having three meals a day, having fresh fruit and/or vegetables daily, meditating, breathing mindfully, going for a walk, having meaningful conversations, taking small breaks when I need to, cooking, listening to music, singing and on a good day dancing. As of recently, I have been introducing a few exercises that I want to expand on. My gym membership isn’t being utilised. I have my reasons to as why, but am aware that paying for it and not using it isn’t going to last much longer. I will decide soon enough wether I am going to use the facilities or cancel it altogether.

Taking care of our needs, listening to our feelings, maintaining and improving our health, doing things that make us happy, but also allowing ourselves to just be. Constant doing is going to wear us out, so let’s take a moment to breathe, to feel the air filling up our body and sending waves of calm through our nervous system. Let’s feel the sun on our skin, notice what nature looks like around us, let’s count our blessings, feel grateful, let’s smile more, allow ourselves to drop into our Heart centre and feel everything. Let us send love out into the world. Let us send thoughts and wishes for peace in the world. Let’s care about ourselves and about each other. Because, caring is sharing. When we look after ourself, we have the love, the patience and the energy to give to the world too.

Be gentle with yourselves, take care and spread the love.

Much love to everyone,

Angela x

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My last year’s December blog was “2019-a year to remember”. I think that we can all safely say that year 2020 beats it by a mile.

So, what has this year taught me?

I can say that it has taught me for sure to live in the moment.

Life used to be very orderly, planned out, sequential and predictable. In all honesty, it has become simply boring. Everything was about other people, from the nearest and dearest to the wider community. My time and energy were completely spent on thinking about the past, present and future, worrying, stressing, running around and trying to make everyone happy, to meet other peoples’ expectations.

Running around came to a sudden halt at the end of March, when the first lockdown began. I was feeling rebellious, as my healing practice just started to take off properly. I was thriving. So, what good was sitting at home going to do for me or my clients? I had plans for every day and was looking forward to get up and make a difference in someone else’s life.

Well, guess what- I forgot that I need just as much care and attention every day. So, I started going in, listening to my feelings, focusing back on myself, my needs (mind, body and soul). I slowed right down and listened to my body. If it needs rest, I rest, if I’m hungry, I make something nutritious to eat, if I want to be by myself, I go for a walk or read in my room, if I feel like listening to loud music, I create a playlist and blast it from my phone,…

I started evaluating my relationships and distancing from people who I felt took too much of my energy. I went on shamanic retreats, tried all sorts of healing techniques to help my body, mind and soul to heal. After all, what good is a healer if they stop working on healing themselves?

As a result, I feel fulfilled, I look good, I feel strong, I choose what I want to spend my time and energy on, I feel connected, happy, inspired. I have been able to look back and take the lessons out of situations, write them down and apply the wisdom in my life and pass it on to others.

Lockdowns have liberated me, by giving me time to look into my deepest self and embrace it. What I have discovered inside of me is love for myself and everyone else, love for nature and gratitude for each and every moment of my life. I don’t think about what’s gone, nor do I worry about what the future might bring. I just live my life every day, moment by moment and feel grateful for it, whatever it brings my way.

Love and light to all of you, my brothers and sisters,


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There is no coincidence that I wrote about gratitude and appreciation about the same time last year. That was the beginning of my discovery of how to be happy.

It is no secret that I’ve recently read The Secret (pun intended) and it has both reminded me of and focused me on being grateful.

This year, more than ever, we’ve all had doom and gloom constantly broadcasted on all kinds of media. Even to the most focused and detached people, this has been a challenge. It has been impossible to ignore empty roads and towns, people panic buying, wearing masks even in their vehicles, staying away from hugging even the people they live with. There is less and less people working at the shops and, in some cases, machines taking their place (that is how I call the self check out). Our high streets look like those places built like a prop for the movie set. But which movies are going to be made on those streets depends largely on us.

So, The Secret comes at the right time as a recommendation by one of my clients. She was adamant that this book changes lives of everyone who reads it.

Being a spiritual person and contemplating on all matters philosophical in life, I thought that I got it all covered. Until I got to the chapter that talks about being grateful, feeling grateful and showing it.

What has really surprised me was my reaction to what I was realising- it isn’t enough to know that we should be grateful, or even say it, we have to feel it and emit that energy back to the world.

Before too long, my closest family were all baffled by the change in me. They were all asking what has happened to me and why was I so nice all of a sudden. I was in shock. I honestly believed that I was a nice person always and to everyone and that it was certainly what I was emanating to them. My son basically told me to stop confusing him and to choose which person do I want to be- the loving and caring or the moody one. So, my instant reply was to carry on consciously showing my love that I was feeling all along.

Life really takes on a different meaning when you practice gratefulness every day. I now go into the smallest of details, acknowledging what I am grateful for and I really am feeling it. It all makes a difference to my day, from a beautiful sunrise that I stoped to admire for a moment, to warm water to wash myself with, a car that always takes me where I need to get to, taking my child/children to school because they still can’t drive, noticing all of the autumn colours surrounding us wherever we go, a roof over my head, money in my bank account, food in the fridge. I say a little gratefulness prayer before my every meal and I bless all the people involved in the food chain- from those that have grown it, picked it, transported it, packaged it, brought it to our shops, put it on the shelves, to me who bought it, brought it home, occasionally cooked it and is now gratefully receiving it!

I am not saying that everyone should do the same, but I enjoy this process, it makes me feel aware, present and grateful, which in turn makes me happy.

So, there you have it. This is my secret of how to be happy at any moment.

I hope that you find yours too.

Love and light,

Angela x.


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